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The Complete Package (12oz)

The Complete Package (12oz)

$15.99 Regular Price
$12.79Sale Price

This All-Purpose Seasoning is the ultimate pantry staple. The Complete Package (12oz) contains a premium blend of fresh herbs and spices that are sure to make any dish pop. Whether you're adding it to your favorite grilled dishes or just sprinkling it over your eggs, this all-purpose seasoning is always packing and never lacking. With the perfect balance of flavor, tThe Complete Package will be your go-to for any meal. Get ready for a flavor explosion with this all-purpose seasoning

  • A Brief Note regarding Weekends & Holidays...

    Please Note: Primo & Cruex does not process orders on weekends or holidays. Orders received on Fridays after 3PM, will be fulfilled the following business day. Orders received after 3PM the day before a Holiday, will be fulfilled the following business day. At this time we are not able to ship products outside the United States.

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